Photos create valuable, tangible memories!  Before your next session please review these tips and suggestions!

 Coordinate Clothing Color and Style

  • Attention must be given to all details of your entire outfit, even if you think it won't show in the final portrait. Choose clothing with solid colors and/or very small patterns. Avoid large prints, stripes, busy patterns and bright colors - these overwhelm and create distractions in your portrait.
  • Keep the tonal range of clothing in the same group; don't mix lights & darks in the same outfit. Burgundy, blue, brown, rust, and green work well. Darker colors bring out skin tones better than lighter colors. Earth tones are best for outdoor portraits. Off-white clothing photographs better than pure white. Wearing off-white, cream, or ivory clothing will not cause you to look washed-out
  • Traditional clothing styles will better stand the test of time.
  • Be sure clothes are not wrinkled.

Hair & Makeup

  • For your portraits, you want your hair to look its best. We recommend that you don’t try a new hairstyle just before your session, but do plan to have it cut two weeks beforehand. This gives it a chance to grow out and look natural.
  • Try not to worry too much if your teen has acne or blemishes. Retouching works wonders!
  • Avoid sunburn and tan lines.
  •  Girls keep make-up simple and natural. Avoid makeup with sparkles and SPF. You can bring   your makeup to the session


  • Consider how your fingernails and toenails look. Get a good mani/pedi or do it at home. They don’t have to be long, just a nice manicure. Color is optional. It’s usually best to stick with a color thats fairly neutral, so it doesn’t clash with any of your outfits. If you don’t like nails or have a job that isn’t nail friendly, the Press-on type will work. They look very real in photos.

Facial Hair

  • A fresh shave is a must! If you have a beard or mustache, make sure it is trimmed before your  session.


  • Tinted lenses cannot be lightened, so take that into account. If you wear glasses most of the time, you’ll want to wear them in your portraits. The problems caused by eyeglass lenses are difficult to correct and may distract from the beauty of your portrait. Take the time to correct this problem.


  • Keep jewelry simple and to a minimum and bring appropriate jewelry for each outfit.